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We explain, via videos of true stories, the social impact of our business, our milestones and updates, and the latest news from the sectors where we operate.

26 Mar 2020
Plant Health

Thank you farmers. Today, more than ever, we’re supporting our heroes in the fields who work hard to put food on our tables every day.

8 Nov 2019

Bioiberica opened the doors to its Palafolls production centre for employee friends and family. More than 700 people had the chance to visit the different production plants, central offices, and learn more about the company’s activity and its positive impact on society.

19 Jul 2019

The alarms go off. There's an emergency situation at our Palafolls plant. The team respond to the call, analyse the scene and start the exercise. Yes, this time it's a drill to put everything that has been learnt during training into practice. It’s Safety Week at Bioiberica.

30 May 2019

To develop successful products, Bioiberica strongly believe that shared expertise is key. Throughout the years, collaboration with customers has played a significant part in our business.

17 Sep 2018
Plant Health

Enzyneer® is what makes them different.