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Palbio 50 RD

Porcine Hydrolysed Protein

What is it? What is it for?

Palbio 50 RD is a source of high-quality protein obtained from fluid-bed dried hydrolisate from porcine intestinal mucosa.

It aids in increasing feed intake and diet digestibility thanks to its exceptional characteristics, improving the production parameters and health of the animals.


Main effects on piglets

  • Stimulates feed intake
  • Increase diet digestibility
  • Improves productive parameters
  • Reduces diarrhoea
  • Improves intestinal health



Cream-coloured dried product obtained by fluid-bed with a delicious taste and aroma.



The recommended dose is:

  • 30-60 kg per ton in piglet feed (prestarter and starter).
  • 25-50 Kg per ton in bird feed.
  • 30-50 Kg per ton in shrimp feed.
  • 30-50 Kg per ton in fish feed.


Typical analysis

  • Crude Protein 52.9 % Digestible Protein 51.6 %
  • Crude Fat 2.6 % Moisture 5.8 %
  • Ashes 12.4 % Ileal Digestibility 97.5 %
  • ME pigs 3125 kcal/kg
  • NE pigs 1925 kcal/kg

FAQS about Palbio

How digestible is the protein?

Since this is one of the few products on the market obtained from authentic enzymatic hydrolysis it has 97.5% Ileal Digestibility.
This means the product provides up to 51.6% of digestible protein and particularly a near zero level of non-digestible protein.


What effect does it have on animals?

The high level of free aminoacids and oligopeptides in Palbio 50 RD combined with its high level of digestibility (97.5%), acts on the intestine of animals that consume by enhancing intestinal development.
Its high level of palatability favours feed intake after weaning, improving the development of intestinal villis and leading to significant improvements in productive parameters.

Approved for all species

The high level of hydrolysis of Palbio 50 RD together with the porcine source controlled, make this product suitable for all farm animals, including ruminants, so separate production lines are not required in the use of this product.

Commission Regulation (EC) No. 1292/2005 of 5 August 2005.

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