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Nucleoforce Aqua

"The bricks of life"

What is it? What is it for?

Nucleoforce Aqua™is a balanced concentrate of free nucleotides and active precursors, obtained from yeasts.             

The exclusive composition of Nucleoforce Aqua™ has been designed to precisely and specifically meet the needs of fish and crustaceans, helping the optimal development of the immune and digestive systems.

Thanks to its exceptional characteristics, it minimises the intestinal inflammatory response in diets rich in raw vegetable materials, helping to strengthen digestibility and thus improve the animals' intestinal health.


Principal effects in fish and crustaceans

In fish:

  • Development of the immune system 1,2,7.
  • Development of the digestive system 1,2,3.
  • Resistance to diseases 1,4,6.
  • Lower mortality 1,4.
  • Increased vaccine response 4.
  • Increased survival rate 8
  • Increased egg production 9


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Product Information


Cream-coloured powder product with characteristic flavour and aroma.



The recommended dose is 500 ppm in fish and shrimp diets.

Frequently asked questions about Nucleotides

What are nucleotides?

They are semi-essential nutrients, which are characterised as being the structural unit of the cell's nucleic acids. Their molecular composition is made up of a sugar, a nitrogen base and one to three phosphate groups.


Why are they semi-essential nutrients?

Eggs and milk are substances that are naturally rich in nucleotides, providing young animals a source of nucleotides available for tissues with minimal capacity for de novo synthesis.


Main effects that they cause in animals

Nucleotides are particular necessary for the development of tissues with a high rate of cellular reproduction, such as the reproductive, immune, and digestive systems.

They play an important role in situations in which the animals needs are not covered only with de novo or endogenous synthesis.