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Atopivet® Mousse

Maintains skin integrity

What is it? What is it for?

Atopivet® Mousse is a hygiene product for dogs and cats that helps maintain the integrity of healthy skin, moisturising and nourishing your pets’ skin.

There is a growing body of evidence that shows that the function of the epidermal barrier becomes deteriorated (decrease in the levels of ceramides, altered filaggrin and antimicrobial peptide expression) in canine atopic dermatitis, confirming the need to act on the skin barrier with specifically designed products.

BIOSFEEN® is a unique animal sphingolipid extract developed by Bioiberica that contains ceramides and a high sphingomyelin content, a precursor of ceramides.



  • Biosfeen® (Sphingolipids)
  • Dermial® (Hyaluronic Acid)
  • Use only on animals. Exclusively for dogs and cats. Keep out of children’s sight and reach. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes.


Instructions for use

Shake well before application. External use. Do not rinse. Separate the dog or cat hair and apply the mouse directly on the skin, especially on the areas to be treated. The amount varies based on the animal’s weight and the extent of the lesion. Apply immediately after bathing your pet and leave on for a minimum of 48 hours until the next bath. Apply twice per week, for a minimum of 4 weeks, then apply once a week.