tendoactive formulacion bioiberica


Specific formula to help support healthy tendons
What is it and how does it work?

Tendoactive® is a specific formula that contains hydrolysed type I collagen and mucopolysaccharides that nourish the tendon, helping to maintain its biomechanical properties.

Tendinopathy is a tendon lesion that leads to pain, reduced tolerance to physical activity and/or functional incapacity. 

Tendoactive®, in combination with physical therapy, is recommended for reactive and/or recurring tendinopathies, due to its two ingredients:

TYPE I COLLAGEN: Ensures the resistance and flexibility that are necessary to transmit the

traction forces that support the tendons.

MUCOPOLYSACCHARIDES Order and structure the collagen fibrils that determine the shape of the tissue. 

Tendoactive® is endorsed by five scientific studies. And safety.


COMPOSITION: Tendoactive® is a specific formula based on mucopolysaccharides and Type I collagen.

INDICATION: For healthy tendons.

PRESENTATION: Hygroscopic powder, white to almost white.

RECOMMENDED DOSE:  520 mg/day (scientific studies: 520 mg Tendoactive+ 60 mg VitC).      

REGULATORY STATUS: Dietary/Food Supplement Ingredient (EU & USA) / NHP MF – PLA (Canada).

STORAGE AND PACKAGING: Store at room temperature. Packaged in a triple-chamber bag in a 25 KG metal drum.

RE-ANALYSIS / EXPIRATION PERIOD: Re-analysis period of three years from the manufacture date.

MOQ: 350 KG     Sample: 75 g