Dacus Trap®

A specific bait to capture the olive fly (Bactrocera oíeae)

Dacus Trap® is a system based on a specific food attractant to capture Bactrocera oleae (olive fly), made up of protein sources with high attraction power.

What is it? What is it for?


  • Ready-to-use product
  • Leaves no residues in olives
  • No recharge
  • Long duration
  • Pressure pest control

Dacus Trap® is certified for use in organic farming CAAE.

It doesn’t contain pheromones or insecticidial in its composition or in the mode of use.



The density per hectare of Dacus Trap system will depend on the pest pressure and the crop size, the usual density being 50 or 100 traps per ha.

When to use it

Traps should be placed uniformly along the crop.

The placement of the trap must be uniform across the crop, preferably between July and August, according to conditions and varieties.


Hydrolysed proteins: 5 %