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Osmotic regulator

STRESSAL ® is an osmotic regulator that enhances tolerance to salt stress.

What is it? What is it for?

STRESSAL® activates certain physiological processes that minimize the negative effects of excess salinity on plants (lost productivity, increased water consumption, etc.).



  • Visual efficiency
  • Quick response
  • Increased tolerance to salt stress
  • Acts directly on the plant


Dose and instructions to use

STRESSAL® can be used in any type of crops affected by salt stress: citruses, fruit trees, olive trees, vegetables, strawberry, ornamental plants, field crops, etc.



Drip irrigation: 0.25 - 2.5 mL/L or 10-15 L/ha.


When to use it

Use it several times (3-6 times per crop cycle) at the moments of increased salt stress.

  • In case of irrigation with poor quality water (irrigation with water from saline wells, etc.).

In case of very limited water supply due to drought/restrictions.



  • Protein hydrolysate neutralized with calcium salts
  • Density: 1.42 g/mL
  • pH: 7