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Terra-Sorb® radicular

Amino acids for fertirrigation

What is it? What is it for?


  • Favours root development.
  • Improves the absorption of nutrients.
  • Helps plants to overcome stressful situations.
  • Promotes early crop growth and homogeneity.


Dose and instructions for use

Terra-Sorb® radicular can be applied to all types of crops: leafy vegetables, fruit plants, strawberries, stone fruit trees, pome fruit trees, citrus fruits, olive trees, vines and vine arbors, tropical fruits, industrial crops, etc.



Apply 10-15 L/ha every 7-15 days by localized irrigation.

In the case of more frequent applications, divide the dose.

It can be applied with crop fertilization through localized irrigation or by soil injection. 


Time of application

It is recommended for use when the crop needs a physiological stimulus, such as:

  • Start of the vegetative cycle
  • Pre-flowering and setting
  • Development of vegetable organs for harvest

Its use is also recommended when the crop is exposed to unfavorable conditions (drought, cold temperatures, salinity, wind, root asphyxia, etc.) and in recovery treatments after critical periods (damage due to frost, hail, wind, etc.). 



Free amino acids 6.0% (w/w)
Total nitrogen (N) 3.0% (w/w)
Ammoniacal nitrogen (N) 1.8% (w/w)
Organic nitrogen (N) 1.2% (w/w)
Organic matter 8.0% (w/w)

(*) The formula contains all biologically active free amino acids: ASP, SER, GLU, GLY, HIS, ARG, THR, ALA, PRO, CIS, TYR, VAL, MET, LYS, ILE, LEU, PHE, TRP.



  • Trial with Terra-Sorb® radicular (Murcia, Spain) in melon seedlings 
  • Trial with Terra-Sorb® radicular (Alicante, Spain) in tomatoes 
  • Trial with Terra-Sorb® radicular (Colina, Chile) in tomatoes 
  • Trial with Terra-Sorb® radicular (Almería, Spain) in tomatoes 
  • Trial with Terra-Sorb® radicular (Tongeren, Belgium) in raspberries 
  • Trial with Terra-Sorb® radicular (Huelva, Spain) in strawberries 
  • Trial with Terra-Sorb® radicular (Barcelona, Spain) in peach trees 
  • Trial with Terra-Sorb® radicular (Jaén, Spain) in olive trees 
  • Trial with Terra-Sorb® radicular + AminoQuelant® - K (Málaga, Spain) in Avocados
  • Trial with Terra-Sorb® radicular and Terra-Sorb® foliar (Penn State University, United States) on grass
  • Trial with Terra-Sorb® radicularTerra-Sorb® foliar and AminoQuelant® - Ca (Virginia Tech., United States) on grass