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Active barrier

Armurox® is a unique dual-action product that creates a physical barrier under the cuticle and activates plant endogenous defense mechanisms.

What is it? What is it for?

Armurox® contains peptide compounds that boost silicium absorption and its concentration in leaves. Silicium has a well-known anti-stress effect in plants.



  • Prevents mechanical stress: enlarges and reinforces the plant tissues, thus preventing physical damage (lodging or crushing of plants).
  • Action against biotic stress: prevents the penetration of external agents, thus making our plants less susceptible to enzymatic degradation caused by fungal pathogen agents (such as the oidium fungus).
  • Reduce transpiration by preventing excess loss of water.
  • No chemical residues. Its special formula and mechanism of action leaves no residues of any type. Armurox® is a certified product for organic farming CAAE.


Dose and instructions for use

Armurox® can be applied to all types of crops



  • Foliar spray: preventively, when humidity and temperature conditions promote the development of pathogens, at 300-500 mL/hL
  • Drip irrigation: 3-8 L/ha by irrigation.


Application time

Apply Armurox® to prevent the development of pathogen agents when weather, humidity or temperature conditions favor their growth.



  • Active peptide complex with soluble silicon.
  • pH: 12.7


How to use Armurox®

Armurox® is most commonly used in ground-based foliar applications, although its use is also recommended in aerial foliar applications (to fight the sigatoka negra in banana crops, to fight pyricularia in rice crops, etc.) It can also be used in root applications because of the exceptional mobility that the peptide complex gives to the silicon, although in the latter case dosage must be higher.


Combining Armurox® with other products

It is recommended to combine Armurox® and Optimus® to increase their spectrum of activity against the largest possible number of pathogens. When using both products together, dosages should be smaller: 300 ml of Armurox® + 200 ml of Optimus® will suffice. Armurox® can be mixed with the most commonly used organic and chemical fertilizers. However, given the basic pH of our product, if we intend to mix it with a large number of other products and/or high doses, it is recommended to make first a compatibility test. In addition, the resulting mix must be adjusted to neutral pH since the obtained mixture will have a high pH.

Field Trials

  • Trial on Armurox ® (Viçosa, Brasil) on rice
  • Trial on Armurox ® (Málaga, Spain) on melon
  • Trial on Armurox ® (Murcia, Spain) on peach
  • Trial on Armurox ® (Murcia, Spain) on grapes
  • Trial on Armurox ® (Huelva, Spain) on strawberry