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Collaborative R&D

Our intense specialisation in biomolecules of animal origin makes us the ideal partner to develop any project related to these types of compounds. We can help your company in all phases of the development process: 

  • Optimisation and validation of processes and products.
  • Pilot manufacturing and scaling services.
  • Creating tailor-made products.
  • Regulatory related support for products.

Why Bioiberica?

Because we are experts in:

  • Glycosaminoglycans and other non-recombinant complex biomolecules.
  • Extractive chemistry, analysis and derivatisation of biomolecules.
  • Development of analytical methods to characterise complex molecules.
  • Carrying out projects in accordance with GMP, GLP and GCP guidelines.

Because we have the right people and the right facilities:

  • Research team with extensive experience in different Life Science disciplines.
  • Laboratories, pilot plants and industrial scaling plants.
  • With control over the entire supply chain, our products offer guaranteed traceability and quality.

Contact us

To explore future developments together.