Mushing: passion and sport with dogs in the great outdoors

Contact with nature and a love of dogs are at the heart of mushing - a race across the snow in a sled pulled by dogs. For those who practise the sport, it’s a way of life that creates a special bond with the animals. We followed musher Eloi Contreras during the final of the Spanish Sled Dog Championship and got a closer look at his passion for the sport.

Spanish Sled Dog Championship, Baqueira Beret

Eloi Contreras, musher

My name is Eloi Contreras, I live in Cañelles, I’m from Vilanova y la Geltrú, I’m 35 years old and my passion is mushing. Mushing is a sport involving a sled pulled by dogs. It started out as a means of transport that was and is still used in the coldest regions of the planet. I’m currently competing with four dogs, it’s a really good number. You can go on great adventures and really get in touch with nature.

I have a great time with them, and they enjoy being with me. I’ve got two leads, two hugely important dogs which are like my eyes on the trail. They follow the trail and I steer them but without them it would be really tough.

It went great, I’m really happy. The level is really high this year. We do a few stretches after all that exertion, mostly to stretch out their joints to prevent any aches and help their muscles recover properly.
For the dogs to give it their all, it’s important to look after their diet and their joints. 

Their joints get a lot of use. I always give them a joint health supplement to prevent injuries, strengthen their joints...I really like Condrovet, Cosequin... Since giving them this supplement I haven’t seen any injuries. I’m amazed. The product is already well-known throughout the mushing world because it’s been recommended to us, and now that I use it I’m really happy with it.

Honestly, my dogs are a really important part of me right now. I’m delighted with them. They’ve given me everything and I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

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