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Life sciences companies seek strategic partners

23 Dec 2019
The b blog

By Jaume Reguant, Bioiberica Healthcare Director

Just a few days ago, at the Peter Drucker Forum in Vienna, management experts discussed the power of ecosystems in which several shareholders forge synergies and boost the experience and value of services and products for clients. An ecosystem also means having companies that are alert to opportunities to innovate. When this happens in the life sciences sector, it has a very positive impact on people, animals and plants.

In Spain alone, where the Bioiberica headquarters is located, the life sciences ecosystem has roughly one thousand  pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies (for a more realistic figure, we would have to add scientific services and digital health companies but we don’t have these numbers). Plus the foundation of academic research of excellence that has put the country ninth on the global ranking of biotechnology production.

If we focus on human health, it is worth noting that the development of innovative nutraceutics and medicines has evolved a lot over the past decade and this is expected to continue, along with transversal solutions that improve diagnosis, treatment, monitoring and patient adherence (above all with chronic diseases). It is clear that the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence will play a key role in this.

Taking into account that developing healthcare products and services is a long, complex process, working closely with a partner can help companies:

  • Stay ahead of market trends and address patients’ needs.
  • Have access to specialised teams, latest-generation technology and a global network (distributors, prescribers, regulatory experts, etc.).
  • Make the new product or service more reliable (quality, launch time and results).

The Asebio Report notes that there were 198 partnerships and 86 product and service launches in Spain in 2018.

At Bioiberica, we are always looking for strategic partnerships with the pharmaceutical, nutraceutics, veterinary, animal nutrition and agriculture industries to help make our animal-sourced biomolecules top-quality products. One of the latest success stories we like to share is with Aspen and our natural ingredient b-2Cool® (sourced from poultry sternums) for a star product for joint health in Brazil.