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Not only a supplier, but a partner

30 May 2019

To develop successful products, Bioiberica strongly believe that shared expertise is key. Throughout the years, collaboration with customers has played a significant part in our business. Today we open the doors of our manufacturing site to our client APSEN, the leader in Brazil selling native type II collagen.

Bioiberica Manufacturing Site, Palafolls (Barcelona, Spain)

Jaume Reguant, Healthcare Director

Today we are opening the doors of our manufacturing site in Palafolls to our client Apsen. Apsen is one of the main leaders in Brazil selling one product called Motilex containing our ingredient native type 2 collagen, b-2Cool.

Caio Gonçalves, Medical Manager Apsen Farmacêutica

We decided to bring the doctors, it's about 63 doctors of Brazil from all different regions, to visit Bioiberica to see the quality of the product that we bring to them in Brazil. So, it's important then to understand that's not just one pill or one capsule that they have sold to their patient, there's also science and quality.

We have launched the b-2Cool in Brazil about a little more than one year and today we are the number 1 selling b-2Cool and we are very enthusiastic with that.

Jaume Reguant, Healthcare Director

Bioiberica is not only a simple supplier of ingredient, we supply marketing, regulatory and scientific support to our partners and this is the benefit that we offer to our customers and this is the main key issue to succeed into the market.


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