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Health and Life Sciences are our natural ecosystem, where our activity is framed and from where we contribute to improving the health and wellbeing of people, animals and plants. The b-Blog is dedicated to this sector and is where we share information and exchange points of view in a more immediate, informal manner.

22 Feb 2022
Animal Nutrition
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The global demand for animal proteins (meat, eggs, dairy products, and fish) is increasing, driven by growing populations, urbanization, and rising incomes.

apis bioiberica
7 Feb 2022
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According to the World Health Organization, an API is any substance used in a pharmaceutical product (FPP - Finished Pharmaceutical Product) that is intended to benefit patients by treating or preventing a disease.

17 Jan 2022
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Our company is passionate about the life and the health of people, animals, and plants. Science is the foundation of our company and research our building blocks.

15 Nov 2021
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The future holds many challenges for our society, particularly regarding the health and nutrition of people as well as the preservation of our environment. Traditionally, we are a global heparin manufacturer, an anticoagulant that's essential in preserving people's health, distributed to a large