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Health and Life Sciences are our natural ecosystem, where our activity is framed and from where we contribute to improving the health and wellbeing of people, animals and plants. The b-Blog is dedicated to this sector and is where we share information and exchange points of view in a more immediate, informal manner.

6 Apr 2020
The b blog

By Javier Velasco, Bioiberica R&D Director

28 Jan 2020
Plant Health
The b blog

By Anna Botta, Product Manager of Bioiberica Plant Health


23 Dec 2019
The b blog

By Jaume Reguant, Bioiberica Healthcare Director

4 Dec 2018
The b blog

By Oriol Roigé, Product Manager of Animal Nutrition, Bioibérica

Nucleotides are not new, but they are increasing being used in nutrition for young production animals (pigs, fish, birds, cattle...) across the world. Why is this so?