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Bioiberica to present the use of nucleotides in animal nutrition at Nutriform

28 Feb 2018
Animal Nutrition
  • This year’s most important event in animal nutrition will be held in Lleida, on 1-2 March 2018
  • Elisabet Borda will present a lecture on the benefits of including nucleotides in the feed of farm animals

Bioiberica will be present at the third edition of Nutriforum, one of the most relevant events in the animal nutrition sector in Spain. Nutriforum will be held at the Llotja venue, in Lleida, on 1-2 March 2018.

This year’s edition puts the focus on a series of conferences with experts, with the aim to convey the importance of animal nutrition, at the product quality and economic levels. Among other aspects, they will discuss the implementation of nutritional strategies in monogastric animals for antibiotic-free production, as well as the addition of nucleotides to the animals’ diet.

On March 2, at 10:30 am, Elisabet Borda, head of the R&D department of Bioiberica’s Animal Nutrition Division, will present a lecture, entitled “Use of nucleotides in animal nutrition”. Bioiberica has developed a range of nucleotide-based ingredients for feeds-each of these products, which has been specifically designed for each animal species, include Nucleoforce, a nucleotide-based product. Thanks to its high concentration of nucleotides, promotes the correct development of the animals’ immune system and intestinal mucosa, thus reducing the need for antibiotics and the incidence of diarrhea. It also addresses metabolic deficiencies.

Bioiberica Animal Nutrition produces high quality ingredients for farm animals, thanks to their wide experience in the identification and production of bio-molecules of high biological and therapeutic value. These products promote appetite, digestibility, fertility, growth, and intestinal and immune health in animals.

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7 Oct 2020
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