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Bioiberica Companion Animal Health enters the Taiwanese market through the distributor Vetnostrum

27 May 2020
Companion Animal Health
  • This marks yet another step forward in the internalisation strategy of this business unit's dedicated to companion animal health
  • The company has launched three products for joint and internal health: Condrovet® Force HA, Calmurofel® and Impromune®

Bioiberica Companion Animal Health has announced its entry into Taiwan, specifically in the companion animal health market, with the help of Vetnostrum, the company's new distributor in the country. This May the company has launched three products on the market: Condrovet® Force HA, Calmurofel® and Impromune®.

Condrovet® Force HA is a veterinary product especially recommended to protect the joints of dogs and cats, with a combination of high-quality ingredients such as the 100% pure chondroitin sulfate CS b-Bioactive®99% pure glucosamine, the hyaluronic acid Mobilee®, and the native type II collagen b-2Cool®.

Calmurofel® is a complementary food for the maintenance of the urinary bladder of cats. It contains glycosaminoglycans that act as a protective barrier for the urinary bladder naturally.

Impromune® is a dietary supplement recommended to reinforce the immune systems of dogs and cats with immunosuppression problems.

The entry into Taiwan represents one further milestone in the company's international expansion plan for 2020.

Bioiberica is a worldwide leader in the life sciences sector, committed to improving the health and well-being of people, animals and plants. The Companion Animal Health business unit specialises in innovative, science-based solutions to improve the health of chronically ill pets.

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