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Discover the latest trends in dog and cat nutrition

6 Sep 2023
Companion Animal Health

Pet food is constantly evolving, with new and innovative products being introduced to promote a healthier and more conscious nutrition for pets.

Since Covid-19, the number of pets in households has increased, leading to an increase in the consumption of pet care products, especially those related to food.

This new reality, combined with the recent Animal Welfare Law, has led to a growing concern for animal health and the emergence of new trends in animal nutrition.


Natural and functional food

Today, our society's eating habits have undergone a significant change, with a greater interest in the quality and origin of the food we eat. As a result, there has also been an increased awareness of pet food, prioritising recipes made with quality ingredients, rich in protein, vitamins and minerals, and avoiding processed foods or artificial colourings, flavourings and preservatives.

In addition, specific formulas have been promoted that contain ingredients that help maintain pet health, such as weight control, joint care, skin and immune system care, and increased energy and vitality.

At Bioiberica, we are also concerned about the health of pets and are developing various functional ingredients, such as Collavant® n2, Mobilee®, CSbioactive® and Glucosamine, which are designed to nourish the joints, and Nucleoforce and Palbio 62, which help maintain the immune and digestive systems.


More sustainable brands

Sustainability, protecting the environment and reducing the use of plastics are increasingly important issues in today's society.

Consumers are now paying more attention when buying products, checking that sustainable ingredients have been used in their production and that they are manufactured by companies committed to reducing the environmental impact of their activities.

In addition to the quality of the food, the packaging of the product is also important as it reflects the sustainability values of the manufacturer. Consumers therefore prefer products that use recycled packaging or packaging made from recyclable materials.

Since our inception more than 45 years ago, Bioiberica's business model has been firmly based on a circular economy production system, converting products of animal origin and other organic substances into valuable ingredients for new purposes. Every day, we collect, process and reuse organic materials that would otherwise be considered 'waste', keeping the flow of valuable resources in the same cycle and reducing waste generation and greenhouse gas emissions.


Personalised diets based on pet type

The personalisation of pet food is another major trend in the pet nutrition sector. This means that pet owners prefer more natural recipes that are tailored to their pets based on factors such as age, weight, size and breed.

Such diets can reduce common health problems in pets, such as obesity, allergies and poor digestion, which can have a positive impact on their quality of life and improve their overall well-being.


Gut health products

Diet has a major impact on the gut microbiota of pets. This has been demonstrated by a study conducted by the University of Illinois, which confirms that dietary changes have a significant and rapid impact on the faecal microbiome and metabolite profiles of dogs.

To maintain gut health, a number of products have recently emerged that incorporate prebiotics, probiotics and fibre into their formulas to help maintain a healthy balance of bacteria in the animal's gut.

New challenges in the pet food industry

Pet food brands are faced with the challenge of adapting to a new reality in which consumers are demanding healthier products, providing an opportunity for the emergence of new businesses in the pet food world with more personalised and healthier offerings, adapted to the needs of each animal.

Transparency in the value chain is also becoming increasingly important as pet food buyers demand to know how pet food is produced, what ingredients are used and how the food impacts on the nutrition and health of animals and the environment.

As a result, companies face the challenge of ensuring sustainability of both the final product and the supply chain. At Bioiberica, we have set ourselves the goal of being a 'zero-emissions' company, and to achieve this we have established a programme to minimise production costs through the use of renewable energy.

This is a challenge we took on more than two decades ago with the ISO 14.001, EMAS and ISO 50.001 certifications. All three were the start of a strong commitment to the health of all.

Twenty years later, Bioiberica has implemented a number of sustainable initiatives to achieve the emission reduction results it set out to achieve. Among other things, we have established energy efficiency criteria in the purchase of equipment and services, and we are working on a project to implement 1,000 KW of solar power for the performance of our facilities, taking into account that all the electricity we use in Spain comes from green and renewable sources.

In this way, we aim to reduce GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions by 30% by 2030, with the aim of achieving climate neutrality by 2050.

This is the only way to achieve balance and build a healthier world together.

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