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Bioiberica to discuss joint healthcare and the role played by community pharmacists at the SEFAC Congress

7 May 2018

A workshop, the presentation of the consensus paper in osteoarthritis, and the presentation of the results of a study, are some of the scheduled activities
Physicians and patients see in the community pharmacist a healthcare professional committed to the patients’ joint healthcare

The 7th National Congress of Community Pharmacists (Congreso Nacional de Farmacéuticos Comunitarios, SEFAC) will be held at the Auditorium of the Alicante Provincial Council, on 24-26 May 2018. Bioibérica, recognized as one of the leading firms in the research and treatment of diseases affecting the joints will assist with this meeting by sponsoring a number of activities discussing osteoarthritis and joint healthcare in the community pharmacy. Bioiberica thanks the scientific and medical societies for their endorsement and recognition.

A workshop, entitled Intervention of the Community Pharmacist in Healthcare of the Joints (Intervención del Farmacéutico Comunitario en Salud Articular) will take place on Friday, 25 May 2018. This workshop will present, in a practical and participative way, the most common consults to the pharmacists. This session will take place at 9-10 am, at Room 4.  Limited seating is available.    

The Consensus Paper on Osteoarthritis will also be presented during the Congress. In this paper, physicians and patients recognize the key importance of the commitment of community pharmacists to the treatment of joint healthcare.

Regarding the monitoring of osteoarthritis patients by pharmacists, the results of the study “Evaluation of the community pharmacy monitoring service of osteoarthritis patients” (Evaluación del servicio de seguimiento del paciente con artrosis en la farmacia comunitaria), will be presented. This study was sponsored by Bioibérica.

Bioibérica would like to invite all community pharmacists to visit booth #31 where Bioibérica will present the advantages and open possibilities offered by specializing in joint healthcare. Moreover, thanks to a novel tool they can also calculate the age of their joints, which is based on a risk factor algorithm. This tool will be at the disposal of all pharmacists.

Full details of the program available here.