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Bioiberica enters the Australian market with its chondroitin sulfate thanks to its collaboration with BioCeuticals

20 Jul 2015
  • BioCeuticals is the leading Australian practitioner-only therapeutic supplement company
  • The Australian brand will be incorporating CS b-Bioactive®, Bioibérica's pharmaceutical grade chondroitin sulfate, into its range of joint health products
  • Nearly 2 million Australians suffer from osteoarthritis

Bioibérica, a Spanish biotechnology company specializing in joint health, has reached an agreement with the Australian supplement provider BioCeuticals to incorporate CS b-Bioactive® in all of its products in the joint care range. Moreover, it is going to extend its portfolio with a new product, Chondroitin BioActive, which may help slow the progression of mild osteoarthritis of the knee, as well as provide temporary relief of symptoms including joint swelling, pain and reduced mobility. BioCeuticals is the leading Australian practitioner-only therapeutic supplement company and pertains to Blackmores Limited, the largest pharmaceutical group in Australia.

The agreement is to market CS b-Bioactive®, Bioibérica's brand of pharmaceutical grade chondroitin sulfate that has demonstrated efficacy and safety in more than 20 clinical trials and 14 million patients treated worldwide. It is the most researched and highest quality chondroitin sulfate on the market. Research has demonstrated its efficacy in: reducing pain and improving the mobility of patients with osteoarthritis. Moreover, recent publications state that it could control the course of the disease and reduce the need for knee prostheses.

This is an important step in Bioibérica's 2015 international expansion plan for its Human Health division. This year, our chondroitin sulfate has entered new markets, such as Poland, Hungary and Austria, thanks to strategic alliances with companies that share a profile similar to our own: scientists who stand behind the highest quality product and who are committed to the patient”, states José Escaich, Bioibérica's CEO. CS b-Bioactive® is already being marketed in countries like Spain, Italy, Holland, Germany, Finland, the United States and Malaysia.

According to the Australian government, 8% of the population (nearly 2 million people) has osteoarthritis, two of every three patients are women, and chronic joint disease costs the government more than 1 billion euros every year.