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Bioiberica continues its commitment to cooperate with different institutions and international authorities

16 May 2013

It’s worth mentioning a collaborative study organized by the NIBSC / USP with the aim to establish the molecular weight standard range for the revision of the USP sodium heparin monograph, official in the U.S. and foreseen to come into force in May 2014.

Additionally Bioiberica wishes to inform its customers that the most relevant tests required for new USP certification have been performed with its sodium heparin and we can announce that we are prepared for the upcoming changes.

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  • Bioiberica produces 20% of the world's Heparin API.
  • Heparin saves around a hundred million lives every year.
  • One out of every 5 doses of heparin administered in the world comes from Bioiberica.
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  • One of every 5 doses of heparine administered in the world comes from Bioiberica.
  • Several studies indicate that people hospitalized treated with anticoagulants, improved their chances of survival.