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Bioiberica is pleased to announce the integration of a new Senior Area Manager in the Heparin Science Business Unit

24 May 2013

in order to promote the development of new markets of sodium heparin, lithium heparin and heparin derivates.

This responds to the continuing growth Bioiberica has been following over the last years, a key factor to become an international reference in the world of heparin.

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  • Bioiberica produces 20% of the world's Heparin API.
  • Heparin saves around a hundred million lives every year.
  • One out of every 5 doses of heparin administered in the world comes from Bioiberica.
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  • One of every 5 doses of heparine administered in the world comes from Bioiberica.
  • Several studies indicate that people hospitalized treated with anticoagulants, improved their chances of survival.