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Prebiotics and probiotics in agriculture to optimize performance and plant health

18 May 2023
Plant Health

Bioiberica is a leading company in the agriculture sector, dedicated for more than 45 years to the production and marketing of biostimulant products and other biosolutions for crop health.

Bioiberica – Plant Health, always contributing to the progress of agriculture, offering sustainable solutions to overcome plant stress, will have a presentation given by our R&D and Quality Director, Javier Velasco, at the third edition of the International Microbiome Congress on “Prebiotics or probiotics in agriculture. Why not both?".

Present in more than 80 countries, the company has developed a wide range of innovative solutions for the agricultural sector, including biostimulants, nutritionals and products to improve soil quality. In addition, Bioiberica has been recognized on multiple occasions for its commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

This presentation is part of a Microbiome technical program with a selection of the best 40 international experts from research centres, universities, and leading companies to present their solutions based on the use and application of microorganisms to improve crops. The program and registration are now available at


The presentation: Prebiotics and probiotics

Javier Velasco, R&D and Quality Director at Bioiberica, is an expert in the use of microorganisms for applications in various types of industry and has vast experience in the field of biotechnology. He has published dozens of scientific articles in prestigious journals and is listed as an inventor on more than 20 patents.

In his presentation, Velasco will address the importance of prebiotics and probiotics in agriculture, and the opportunity to use both to obtain the best productive results. The combination of both can improve soil and plant health, increase resistance to disease, and improve crop quality and yield. Velasco will present the latest research in the field of soil productivity and fertilization optimization and will also highlight the opportunities and challenges presented using prebiotics and probiotics in agriculture.

The presentation, presented by Bioiberica at the event dedicated to microorganisms, is an excellent opportunity to learn about the latest trends in sustainable and profitable agriculture.

At Bioiberica – Plant Health we research and develop pharmaceutical quality biomolecules for biostimulation, nutrition and plant protection. Enzyneer® is Bioiberica's exclusive technology in the extraction of L-α-amino acids and other bioactive compounds, which allows us to obtain unique biostimulant products with phytohormonal activity, backed by more than 30 years of experience, with more than 1,500 agronomics trials in all types of crops, and in more than 70 countries. At Bioiberica, we also collaborate with benchmark research centres and actively participate in national and international scientific forums.

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