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Plant Health consolidates its commitment to almond trees

4 Feb 2022
Plant Health

Bioiberica's primary goal is to continue offering solutions for maintaining optimal crop health when faced with inclement weather.

Plant Health consolida su apuesta por el almendro

The effects of climate change are beginning to produce the first symptoms in crops. This is the case for the Californian market, which has seen its almond production reduced by 10% due to the lack of rainfall and high temperatures. These environmental conditions have resulted in reduced crop yields that are up to 18% lower and a 3% decrease in grain weight, compared to previous seasons. This situation has had a direct impact on global almond prices and all indications are that it will happen again next year.

Always at the forefront in the search for solutions to overcome plant stress, Bioiberica - Plant Health has focused its scientific research efforts on finding solutions to boost almond yields by applying its biostimulants, The primary goal of is intervening in the crops’ physiological mechanisms and increasing their resistance to abiotic stress situations.

Mauro Bernal, Bioiberica's Crop Manager, presenting Equilibrium’s® innovations at one of the forums.

Using Equilibrium® as a biostimulant can be an effective and profitable strategy to increase yields in nut trees such as almond, walnut, hazelnut and pistachio, especially in crops affected by inclement weather.

Mauro Bernal, Crop Manager at Bioiberica, and specialist in the cultivation of nuts, has given presentations at several national and international forums on the paper "Improving almond tree production through the use of biostimulants". This is a collaborative effort with the Centro de Edafología y Biología Aplicada del Segura CEBAS-CSIC (a research center belonging to the Agencia Estatal del Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, the Spanish national research council), which shows how the innovative biostimulant Equilibrium® promotes a better harvest thanks to an increase in the average weight of the almond in varieties which are known to have a low kernel weight, as is the case with the penta variety. 

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