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Format: 02/22/2024
25 Feb 2021
Plant Health
  • Terramin® Pro increases the beneficial microbiota in soil, helping mobilise nutrients, tolerate stress and boost crop yield.
  • Terramin® Pro is especially recommended for organic crops, as it is high in organic nitrogen, and in intensive agricultural systems that need biological regeneration.
24 Nov 2020
Plant Health
  • This European association promotes the role of the biostimulants industry in a more sustainable and resilient agriculture
  • The Plant Health business unit contributes over 35 years of experience in biostimulation and sustainable agriculture
7 Oct 2020
Plant Health
  • Cera Trap® has demonstrated greater effectiveness and selectivity in capturing Ceratitis capitata compared to other mass trapping methods
  • Suzukii Trap® Max Captures ensures that more flies and a greater percentage of female Drosophila suzukii are captured compared to other monitoring systems
7 Oct 2020
Animal Nutrition
  • With this agreement, Bioiberica’s Palbio™ and Nucleoforce™ lines will also be present in Benelux, Poland, Great Britain, and Ireland
  • The two companies have been working together for years in both human and animal health
18 Sep 2020
Plant Health
  • This marks yet another step forward in the internalisation strategy of this business unit dedicated to plant health
  • Two biostimulant products, Terra-Sorb® Complex and Equilibrium®, have been launched in eleven states along with the plant protector Armurox®