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“My dog has diarrhoea and is vomiting”

11 Mar 2015
Companion Animal Health

Did you know that diarrhoea is one of the leading causes for seeing a vet? Today we meet Bach, a dog who has managed to overcome his bowel problems.

Armand Tabernero- veterinarian, Doctor Tabernero Veterinarian Clinic (Barcelona, Spain)

The first time Bach came to see me, he was alternating vomiting episodes with occasional diarrhoea. The problem had been going on for a while and his owner was worried because he was losing weight and didn't seem to be in a good physical condition.

Laura Lluveras, vet, and Aránzazu Sánchez, Bach's owner

What's the diarrhoea like? Completely liquid? It started out a little bit solid and then became more liquidy. Have you ever seen blood in his stools? No. And has there been any blood in the vomit? No, it's mainly saliva and whole food.

We examined the dog, ran some blood tests to rule out liver and pancreas problems and did an ultrasound to see what the problem was.

Do you see here how the bowels are inflamed? Everything else is OK.

Inflammatory bowl disease is considered the most frequent cause of vomiting and/or chronic diarrhoea in cats and dogs. 

Bach has IBD, a chronic inflammatory disease. It is genetic and some animals are prone to it.

The treatment is based on a mixture of corticosteroids therapy (remove "as I have said"), probiotics, prebiotics and diet. Probiotics and prebiotics completely regenerate the bacterial flora, leading to better digestion. They also improve gut epithelium, forming a protective layer so there will be fewer digestion problems.

Entero Chronic® is a food supplement that helps maintain intestinal functions.

We started with Entero Chronic some time ago. Bach takes two sachets every evening and what they told me is that it is forming a protective layer in the intestine and that this is also helping. We have also been lowering the cortisone at the same time as he has been taking Entero Chronic.

He's a very happy dog, despite everything that has happened and which have caused him some really bad times. He's a very happy dog but you can see that he's been stable for a while. His weight is really stable, he's not putting on or losing weight, it has stabled out and he's happy. He doesn't go through any bad patches any more.

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