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Barcelona Marathon: “We’re changing society through sport”

8 Mar 2017

Only four days away from the 39th Barcelona Marathon, and we were lucky enough to talk to one of the organisers and the life and soul of the project, Joan Porcar. The journalist, pilot, adventurer and businessman, and the first Spaniard to take part in the Dakar Rally, offered us some tips for participants and explained what sport means to his life.

Joan Porcar- Managing Director of RPM-MKTG and organiser of the Barcelona Marathon

I’ve always felt like an instrument of my passions. I’m a person with passions, and I’ve developed these passions and they’ve dragged me along. I ran races in Africa over 15 years, I sailed alone in the Atlantic over 12 years… I’ve had many special times.

“Journalist, pilot, adventurer and businessman. The first Spaniard to take part in the Dakar Rally”

One very special memory that still sticks in my mind happened one year when I said: we should be open to outdoor sports, we came from motor sports, running, cycling... And that same year, in three months I started the Barcelona marathon and the Titan Desert.

“The 39th Barcelona marathon is to take place on Sunday, 12th March 2017”

First and foremost, I no longer have stage fright. I know some people who were really well prepared but didn’t show up at the start line. You should have fun while you’re running, don’t worry, if you can’t run at rhythm A then run at rhythm B, but above all enjoy the experience. Lastly, above all don’t give up. If you start, finish.

“Nutritional supplements for the joints help in fast recovery and can help prevent pain and injuries”

The joints are something that should be taken into account because we tend to try to gain power but we fail to strengthen the joints. My steadfast recommendation for this is: first of all, to put yourself into the hands of a specialist who will be able to tell you what types of exercise you should do to strengthen your joints.

We’re silently changing society through sport. When you find out how good sport is for you, for your health, there are probably marathon runners who will no longer run marathons over time, but they won’t stop running.

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