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Heparin’s Centenary celebration (full event)

28 Jun 2016

The centenary of the discovery of heparin was celebrated in Madrid on 17th June 2016 with an event sponsored by His Majesty King Felipe VI. It was an institutional event of a medical and scientific nature to promote heparin and its clinical and social importance.

Heparin, an antithrombic, anticoagulant drug that was declared an “essential drug” by the World Health Organization (WHO), is celebrating the centennial of its discovery this year. To commemorate this event, the Pro CNIC Foundation and Bioibérica, in collaboration with Sanofi, Laboratorios Rovi, Fundación Cotec para la Innovación and Marca España have arranged an institutional event of scientific character that includes the participation of noted lecturers, such as Dr. Valentí Fuster, Dr. Robert Daniel Rosenberg, Ms. Carmen Vela (the State Secretary for R&D), and Jorge Barrero (the General Director of the COTEC Foundation for Technological Innovation). 

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Since its foundation in 1975, Bioiberica has been focused on the production of heparin. The company understood that it was an active ingredient indispensable for human health and that it was important to be able to offer the maximum guarantees of safety and traceability.