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Exchanging experiences in plant physiology

15 Nov 2016
Plant Health

Bioiberica has organized the first Ibero-American Summit on plant physiology which has brought together more than 50 experts and directors coming from Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Mexico and various provinces of Spain. A team from Bioibérica has followed them for two days and recorded their impressions.

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Barcelona. Welcome to Bioibérica”

Ricard Brossa, product manager Plant Physiology Bioibérica

Here today we have organized the first Ibero-American Conference on Plant Physiology by Bioibérica, where we have brought together our main Spanish-speaking distributors. We hope that first all the distributors present here explain their experiences a little bit, tell us about their experience with us, how long they’ve been working, what crops they work with, and some of them have We made brought data from tests that they have done.

We will take a visit to the factory, because even with 30 years with these distributors, some still have not had the opportunity to visit the Factory. Meanwhile, for others, the factory has changed greatly since they last time visited. After this visit we will travel to Girona to see a bit of the agricultural reality that we have closest to us. 

Peralada, Girona (Spain)

Franscesc Rius, agricultural engineer Celler Castell Peralada

A wine maker, from 5 different areas, which add up to 150 hectares, specifically we are in the Malaveïna farm, with around 17 hectares of varieties of Merlot, Syrah, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon. Due to the effects of the tramuntana, which is a northwestern wind that breaks the leaves and creates foliar defects, one manner of recovering from and overcoming this stress is an application of 2 litres of Terrasorb Foliar per hectare; we generally repeat this treatment 2 to 3 times per year and we also improve the fruit a little bit.

Mariano Marcón, agricultural engineer Brometán (Argentina)

I consider Terrasorb foliar to be a very high quality, safe and versatile tool to use in a great number of productive situations, for plants that are under stress or also to provide additional help to nutritional plant protection programs.

Torroella de Montgrí, Girona (Spain)

Francesc Raset, technical director Girona Fruits

I have been an engineer with Girona Fruits for 18 years, we are a team of three technical engineers, we produce a well-regarded, high quality apple and basically we have made advances in increasing the fruit’s quality and output per hectare. We have a program to improve underperforming orchards in order to promote vegetative growth and the program is based on Terrasorb Complex Foliar and on Terrasorb Radicular, basically during sprouting.

Pedro Gálvez, R&D director Agro Connexion (Chile)

Over time, after twenty some years working with them, I would say that they are superior products. Superior in the sense that it allows you to apply it on any crop, at any phenological stage, during flowering or in critical moments and it can be mixed with any product. As an expert I can recommend it and I use it without any concern, as there is no risk for the producers.

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