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Why are our biostimulants unique in the market?

17 Sep 2018
Plant Health

Enzyneer® is what makes them different. It is a new technology for obtaining biostimulant products unique in the market, with phytohormonal activity, which conserve the amino acids in their biologically active form and which allow the farmer to obtain greater sustainability, safety and a higher yield of their crops.

We all know being a farmer requires a lot of effort. Meanwhile, crops make an effort to be the best they can be. But... there are other factors involved, like extreme weather conditions, the time the plants need to grow and reproduce or certain crop management practices, which contribute to what is known as plant stress. This affects harvest quantity and quality, reducing crop yield.

At Bioiberica, for 30 years now, we have been offering solutions to combat plant stress. Now, we work with Enzyneer: exclusive technology used to obtain biostimulants like no other on the market.

Thanks to Enzyneer, our products have proven to be more resistant to stress, absorb more nutrients and bear better-quality fruit. And all of this is safe and environmentally friendly. 

Look for the Enzyneer label, so that your crops can be more profitable and more sustainable.