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Guardians of crop health

19 Sep 2014
Plant Health

They fly over the entire surface of large farms to scan each and every one of the trees and detect if there is crop stress.

Cropscan is a remote sensing system based on the images obtained from a multispectral camera and from a thermic camera. Taking thousands of images of the crops we can make maps that help us to understand how the vegetal is working and living. 

Vegetables have a high growth and production potential but it can always be limited due to high temperature, low temperatures, very strong wind, plagues, diseases... there are sometimes problems that diminish the crop's potencial, the growth and production of the vegetables. That is what we call plant stress.

We can fly perfectly over a 1000 hectare area of land, just to say a number, it could also be 1000 or 2000... and then, we make an individualized study of each tree such as woody plants, varietals like grapevines, or we can also talk about square meters in the case of extensive farming like cereal or legumes.

You perfectly know where the problems are coming from, you can prevent them from happening, you can specifically take action in those areas.

When we received the report, the first thing we did was to visit every single area where we knew that there was a problem or that there could be a problem with irrigation, we located those areas and in fact, there was a lack of pressure in some areas because the water wasn't getting to those areas with enough pressure, there was an area where we found many obstructed droppers, there was another area where we had a small plague...

The farmer , the technician, has discovered problems that were unknown to him, and he has taken the necessary measures to improve these problems and he has found a solution. It has even been useful for him to realise the improvement in his land. People who have used cropscan so far are very happy and pleased with the results, finding problems that the human eye wouldn't be able to see This year we will possibly have the biggest crop we have ever had. The same or even superior to the biggest crop, that's the truth.

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Plant Health

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Plant Health

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Plant Health

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