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Terra-Sorb® : 30 years of fighting against vegetable stress

4 Dec 2017
Plant Health

Bioiberica's Terra-Sorb® line of biostimulants to fight against stress in crops celebrates its 30th anniversary. Terra-Sorb® was first sold in Spain in 1987. Today it enjoys an excellent international reputation and is present in more than 65 countries. 

Manuel Carrión, Fast Track Vegetable Physiology Bioiberica: This bottle is one of the first packagings in which hydrolized Terrasorb was sold thirty years ago. Today Terrasorb still continues to be one of the leading products sold in the Vegetable Physiology division.

Ignacio López-Cepero: Area Manager, Vegetable Physiology, Bioiberica: I may no longer remember the first sale after so much time, but what I do remember is the number of kilometres I travelled and the doors that I had to knock on for all the provinces that were under my responsibility at that time, which were the provinces in the south of Spain. I can verify that today still practically 90% of those distributors continue to work with us.

Cristóbal González, Sales Expert, Valenzuela y cía.: I have a great deal of affection for the product because we've lived our lives almost side by side. My first job before Valenzuela y Cía was in González, we're talking almost 25 years ago and at that time the leading amino acid on the market was precisely Terrasorb Radicular. You can just imagine the journey that we've had together over the last 25 years.

Diego Valero, Technical Agricultural Engineer, “Finca Calderón”: When I arrived in this world, I already knew about Terrasorb's quality and its results and we've kept using it. In intensive and skilful crop cultivation, such as strawberries for example, it's important for us to have out-of-season harvests in order to get good prices and reach markets that are not used to having the fruit during that time of the year. In fact, what we are doing when applying the amino acid is improving the plant's activity, ensuring that the plant does not consume unnecessary energy, thus ensuring that we have early, high-quality fruit.

Anna Botta, R+D+i Expert, Vegetable Physiology, Bioiberica: Terrasorb's main benefit is the security that it provides to farmers. That is, farmers know that by applying Terrasorb, even if some type of stress occurs, like in an adverse climatological situation or some type of biotic stress or some pathogen or the like, the crop will still succeed to its fullest potential. In fact we've validated this in more than 1,000 trial carried out until present in different meteorological conditions in multiple countries and on different types of crops, such as fruit crops, vegetables, vineyards, extensive crops, etc.

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