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“We give great care to each one of our olive trees”

14 May 2015
Plant Health

The nutrition of the olive tree at the time of blossoming is key to achieving a good yield. But, what is the secret to achieving it?

Josep Busquets, manager of farming at La Boella Farm (La Canonja, Tarragona-Spain)

I have been a farmer all my life. I began to work with my father when I was fourteen, and I have been working for the last six years with the family who owns the farm, and for the last two years as farm manager.

We are at La Boella farm, a super intensive olive tree farm, the first planted worldwide, it was an experiment, it has 88 hectares under cultivation and an average of 15 years.

Terra-Sorb® is a product from Bioibérica based on amino acids and micronutrients.

One of the most important treatment for a good yield is that the plant is well nourished at the time of blossoming. That is where Terra-Sorb® Complex comes into play: We wait to see the flower buds on the tree, then we do a first application before the flower opens followed by a second application once the flower has opened to fortify and prevent the tree from aborting fruit.

Its application is key at critical moments in growing such as blossoming, fruit-setting or during fruit development.

Before applying Terra-Sorb®, we achieved between 30 to 40% of flower-setting. We now achieve a flower-setting of nearly 80%. Before applying Terra-Sorb® we had average yields of 7 tons per hectare. With Terra-Sorb®, we have been able to reach yields of 10 and stabilize them year after year. It has been proven that good nutrition of the plant at the time of blossoming is essential for it to be able to bear a good yield and not abort fruit.

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