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We explain, via videos of true stories, the social impact of our business, our milestones and updates, and the latest news from the sectors where we operate.

7 Sep 2021

Today, we undertake an internal journey to meet the great human team of Bioiberica. He is Jordi Flores, an amazing professional who has been leading the Marketing department of Animal Companion for more than 20 years.

Join us on this trip!

11 Jun 2021

The future is only conceived from sustainability. At Bioiberica we are a circular economy company and our entire source of electrical energy comes from 100% green and renewable energy.
3 Jun 2021


Join us on this virtual tour to learn how we produce our Healthcare products in our production plant in Palafolls, Catalonia.
22 Dec 2020

This year, more than ever, we want to thank our clients, collaborators and suppliers for their support and work during 2020. Also to the Bioiberica team, which has offered the best version of itself and has proven to be exceptional.
Thank you all and Happy Holidays!
15 Sep 2020

We are life sciences. We are health. We are innovation. We are production. We are strategic partners. We are sustainability. WE ARE BIOIBERICA.