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Research to combat crop stress

24 May 2017
Plant Health

Are Bioiberica biostimulants effective? How do they affect crop development and nutrition? We invite you to watch a fast-frame video on how the roots of a plant treated with one of our products grows in two months.

Anna Botta, Bioiberica R&D technician

What we see here in the rhizotron is a plant that has been treated with Inicium® and another one that hasn't to make a comparison. What we’re seeing is that the roots did indeed appear much earlier and colonised the whole of the plane much faster than the plant that wasn't treated with Inicium® at the time of transplantation and that this then also translates into the growth of the part of the plant outside the soil.

"Inicium® develops longer roots and greater amount of fine roots, powering water and nutrient absorption"

Dr Felicidad de Herralde, IRTA researcher

Here at Torre Marimón we have a structure called a rhizotron that enables the continuous observation of root growth. It is a container with a glass window that lets us film and quantify how they grow.

Anna Botta, Bioiberica R&D technician

At the R&D department we often work with partners to test products much more rigorously and learn more about how they work. We collaborate with science centres and IRTA is one of our reference partners.

Inicium®, particularly in horticulture, is applied to the seedbed at the time of transplantation and the idea is to get the seedling to take root in no time, settle into the new substrate and recover from transplant shock so it can start to produce as soon as possible.

"Inicium® helps plants overcome transplant shock"

Inicium® is applied in the initial phases but the results are seen at harvest, particularly in the form of high calibre fruit with standardised production, which is what technicians and farmers are interested in.

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Plant Health

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