proenterictriplex Bioiberica

Pro-Enteric Triplex®

Diarrhoea symptom management
What is it? What is it for?

Instructions for use

Administer the following quantities orally 2 times per day: 

Animal Weight Quantity
Puppies, Kittens and Rabbits 1 ml
Adult cats 2 ml
Adult Dogs < 10 kg 2 ml
Adult Dogs 10-30 kg 4 ml
Adult Dogs > 30 kg 5 ml


The minimum recommended administration period is 3 days, as they are usually acute diarrhoea, but the dose period may vary in each individual case according to the veterinarian’s instructions.

For comprehensive diarrhoea management, appropriate diet management may also be necessary. The animal may also need to be rehyrated to compensate for fluid loss.

Instructions for proper administration

  1. Remove the lid
  2. Adjust the syringe collar to the required dose level
  3. Administer orally, through one side of the mouth