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Straight-chain heteropolysaccharides with varying degrees of sulfation

Heparinoids are mucopolysaccharides obtained from different tissues of animal origin through a gentle extraction process that guarantees integrity of their active elements.

What is it? What is it for?

Heparinoids are straight-chain heteropolysaccharides with varying degrees of sulfation. Their main constituents, dermatan sulfate A, heparan sulfate, and chondroitin sulfate, have a wide spectrum of biological activities, but a very limited anticoagulant capacity.


Functional properties

Heparinoids possess the same functional properties as each of their individual components. There is however, a pronounced synergism that increases the individual pharmacological effect of their components.

Therapeutically, effects have been proven on:

  • Activation of lipoprotein removal through stimulation of lipases responsible for their degradation (lipasemic activity).
  • Inhibition of cell proliferation in vascular walls.
  • Regulation of plasma protein transport through capillary walls, preventing protein loss in the glomerular structures of the kidney.
  • Prevention of lipoprotein deposition in vascular walls and inhibition of cholesterol accumulation in arterial tissue, contributing to decreased atherosclerotic disorders.



  • Acting at the epidermal level as an antiedematous and anticongestive agent, promoting the elimination of minor superficial bleeding, enabling the rapid reabsorption of bruises.
  • Hydrating effect due to their chondroitin and dermatan sulfate content.
  • Effectiveness against flaccidity and inflammation of altered epidermal areas due to their anticellulitic and antivaricose properties.

Storage and Packaging

Storage and handling conditions

The product does not require special storage conditions, however we recommend that it be kept in a cool, dry place preferably at temperatures below 40ºC.


Handling Instructions

Wear a dust mask, gloves and safety goggles.



The API as white powder is triple-packed in polyethylene bags sealed with a polyamide cable tie for drums and cans.

The product is available in the following containers according to the quantity and customer specifications:

  • Drums of 60L, 30L, 2L , 15 ml vial and 100ml vial.
  • The weight limit of our drums is 20 kg net.
  • All the containers are fitted with security seals to prevent any potential tampering.