Binary corrector of Ca and Mg

AminoQuelant®-Ca/Mg is the new product in the AminoQuelant® range, formulated from amino acids derived from the process of enzymatic hydrolysis exclusive to Bioiberica, combined with calcium and magnesium (6.5% Calcium, 2% Magnesium and 4% Free amino acids).

What is it? What is it for?


  • Especially useful in the prevention and treatment of the phytopathologies that provoke generalised dehydration in plant tissues.
  • Foliar application is recommended as a treatment in periods of stress and cases of evident deficiency.
  • Ideal for brittle rachis and bunch stem necrosis (waterberry) in wine and table grape. 

Application periods and dosage

  • Viticulture (table and wine grape):
    • Foliar application: 2-4 applications of 300-600 ml/hl.
    • Soil application: 8 to 10 L/ha per application.
  • Fruit growing: Following fruit-set.
    • Foliar application: 3-5 applications of 500-1000 ml/hl
    • Soil application: Applications of 8-15 L/ha every 2-3 weeks.
  • Banana: Localised irrigation; applying 10-15 L/ha every 2-3 weeks, during the summer cycle (April to October)
  • Horticulture and others:
    • Foliar application: 2-4 applications of 300-600 ml/hl.
    • Soil application: 10-15 L/ha every 10-15 days.

Application should be adjusted in function of the calcium requirements of the crop and the soil characteristics: in fruits, application should take place before symptoms appear and after fruit-set. 


Free amino acids (*) 4.0% (w/w)
Total nitrogen 5.5% (w/w)
Water-soluble calcium (CaO) 6.5 % (w/w)
Complexed calcium oxide 3.25% (w/w)
Water-soluble magnesium (Mg) 2.0 % (w/w)
Complexed magnesium oxide 1.0% (w/w)
Water-soluble boron (B) 0.17 % (w/w)

(*) The formula contains all the biologically active free amino acids: ASP, SER, GLU, GLY, HIS, ARG, THR, ALA, PRO, CIS, TYR, VAL, MET, LYS, ILE, LEU, PHE, TRP 


  • Reduction of bitter pit with AminoQuelant®-Ca/Mg