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Copper with amino acids 

AminoQuelant®-Cu is a new product formulated from amino acids derived from our exclusive process of enzymatic hydrolysis and copper (5% Cu, 5% free amino acids), designed to increase the assimilation of copper during the critical moments of greatest necessity, allowing faster and more efficient transport to new leaves and growth areas of the plant.

What is it? What is it for?



  •     Protection from oxidative stress.
  •     Rapid nutritional correction in cereal crops.
  •     Effective in the prevention of peacock-eye disease of the olive tree.

Certified by ECOCERT as input eligible for organic agriculture in the European Union according to EC regulation 834/2007 and 889/2008.


Application periods and dosage

  • Cereal crops: from 0.5 to 1L / ha. 1-2 applications between stages of tillering and heading 1cm.
  • Olive: 3 to 5 mL / L (or 3-5 L / ha).
  • Other crops: From 0.5 to 1 L / ha per application. Repeat if necessary after 10-15 days.

Do not perform more than two foliar applications within 24 days (except in olive cultivation).


Water-soluble copper (Cu) 5% (w/w) 
Free amino acids (*) 5% (w/w) 
Total nitrogen (N) 1% (w/w)

(*) The formula contains all of the biologically active free amino acids: ASP, SER, GLU, GLY, HIS, ARG, THR, ALA, PRO, CIS, TYR, VAL, MET, LYS, ILE, LEU, PHE, TRP 


  • Prevention of peacock-eye disease of the olive tree with AminoQuelant®-Cu