Biotic factors

Insects, nematodes, fungus, bacteria, viruses...

Biotic factors

The production losses can be very significant.

There are several groups of organisms that cause damage in plants. Without a doubt, one of the most harmful groups is insects, because they can become real pests in the fields. We can classify insects according to the way they harm the plant: sap sucking insects, shoot eaters, tunnel excavators, carriers of pathogenic agents, etc. 

Nematode infestations are on the increase due to the disappearance of conventional chemical disinfectants. These inhabitants of the soil attack roots, causing deformations and gall formation, but their symptoms are highly visible in the part of the plant above ground: wilting, yellowing, loss of vigour, and especially rotting. 

We also note the infections caused by fungus, bacteria or viruses. The spreading of these infectious agents is determined to a great extent by the resistance the plant is able to put up and by the conditions it is growing in. The symptoms triggered in the plant due to an infection by a pathogenic organism are highly varied: necrosis and deformations, rotting and exudates or colour alterations such as the leaf mosaic caused by certain viruses. Depending on the state or severity of the infection, production losses can be extremely significant.