Natural solutions to beat plant stress

Extreme temperatures, drought, salinity, excess or lack of light, contamination by heavy metals and infections are some of the factors that cause stress in plants and that can affect the quality and quantity of harvests.  Bioibérica has developed a wide range of products, based on aminoacids, which act naturally, favouring the mechanisms plants have to overcome these stress factors. We also use the fruit fly mass trapping technology, which has become a worldwide reference.

Terra-Sorb® range,  Equilibrium®, Inicium®, Stressal® and Terramin®

We provide specific solutions that work on the plant's physiological mechanisms, increasing the plant's resistance and recovery in abiotic stress situations.

AminoQuelant® range

The AminoQuelant® range stimulates recovery of the physiological balance and complexifies the macro and micro elements so that they reach the place of consumption quickly, efficiently and safely.

AminoAlexin® and Armurox® 

Formulated based on direct-acting antimicrobial peptides to combat pathogen attack by inducing acquired local, systemic resistance in the plant

Attraction for fly infestations in the crops

Ecological baits formulated based on hydrolysed proteins specifically selected to obtain the maximum attractant capacity and specificity for fruit crop fly pests the world over.

Crop Solutions

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