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Bioiberica Companion Animal Health to present a series of training sessions for veterinarians on hepatic healthcare for cats and dogs

10 Oct 2019
Companion Animal Health
  • It is estimated that 20 percent of cats and dogs suffer from hepatic issues, 80% of them chronic conditions
  •  ProlivetTM is Bioiberica’s new product for the preservation of the hepatic function

During the upcoming months of October and November, Bioiberica Companion Animal Health will be presenting a series of training sessions in canine and feline hepatic healthcare. These sessions are in collaboration with Dr. Xavier Roura, specialist in small animal internal medicine from the Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona and a graduate of the European College of Veterinary Internal Medicine, specializing in companion animals.

Roger Sabata, from Bioiberica’s R&D Department, will introduce ProlivetTM, a food supplement that complements the hepatic function of cats and dogs. This supplement contains S-Adenosilmetionine of natural origin, silibine and phosphatidilcoline, and Vitamin E. All these components contribute and reinforce the liver function. More precisely, organic S-Adenosilmetionine is involved in the formation of glutation, the most important defense mechanism against oxidation stress because it protects hepatocites from damage and cell death. Sibilin neutralizes free radicals, thus protecting hepatic cells from oxidation damage. It also inhibits adherence of toxins involved in the inflammatory response. Phosphatidylcholine has antifibrotic activity and increases the intestinal absorption of active substances.

The first meeting was held in Bilbao on October 3, 2019 at the Indautxu veterinarian center, and was a great success, with more than 70 veterinarians in attendance.

Next meetings dates confirmed

Additional meetings will be held in various locations within the Spanish territory. They are addressed at veterinarians interested in hepatic condition training.

14 November: Malaga

We have scheduled further training sessions at Barcelona, Valencia and Murcia. 

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