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Bioiberica to present in Malaysia two seminars on novel biomolecules for the management of highly prevalent diseases in pet animals

18 Apr 2018
Companion Animal Health

Roger Sabata, Bioiberica’s Medical Marketing Manager, will present two talks at the UPM and Johor Baru veterinary medicine faculties

On 17-18 April, 2018, Bioiberica will attend the UPM and Johor Bahru veterinary medicine faculties. Together with Vetcare, their distributor in Malaysia, they will present a seminar on novel biomolecules for the management of highly prevalent diseases in small animals. The talk will consist of the following sections:

-          Chronic gastrointestinal issues

-          Feline idiopatic cistitis

-          Immune system and leishmaniasis

-          Atopic dermatitis

The head of Medical Marketing at Bioiberica, Roger Sabata, will discuss the various therapeutic tools available for the treatment of these diseases, which are highly prevalent among pet animals; for them, Bioiberica puts forward therapeutic solutions based on biomolecules with top quality and high safety profiles.  

Bioiberica is a company specializing in the extraction of animal origin biomolecules of maximum quality and traceability. These biomolecules are used in human and veterinary health, animal nutrition and plant physiology. Bioiberica’s Companion Animal Division has created innovating ranges of products for pet animal healthcare. Products such as Atopivet, Entero-Chronic, Calmurofel and Impromune are therapeutic options based on biomolecules which are efficient as well as safe.

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