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Bioiberica to present the results of the second clinical trial of Impromune on canine Leishmaniasis

9 Nov 2017
Companion Animal Health

Results will be presented at the national congress of AVEPA, held in Barcelona on 9-11 November 2017The results of this new trial confirmed that nucleotides included in Impromune delay progression of leishmaniasis in healthy dogs that have been infected with the disease

The Association of Spanish Veterinarians Specializing in Small Animals (AVEPA) will hold their 52th annual congress in Barcelona along with the XI Southern European Veterinary Conference. Experts in pet animal healthcare, together with exhibitors presenting the newest and most modern products and the latest updates in the veterinary industry, will be found at the Palacio de Congresos de Cataluña - the venue of the joint congress.

In the field of scientific research, Bioiberica will present the results of the second clinical study of Impromune in canine leishmaniasis that, in the words of their authors, “has achieved highly positive results”. They have demonstrated that, in asymptomatic, healthy patients, Impromune delays or prevent the onset of symptoms. Furthermore, supplementation with Impromune lowers serum titles (L. infantum antibodies) present in leishmaniasis.

Furthermore, experts have been able to prove that one year of uninterrupted administration of Impromune is safe in dogs, thus converting Impromune into a useful tool for long term prevention of the disease.

The results of the most recent studies on Atopivet, which were also presented at the European Congress of Veterinary Dermatology, will be discussed at the scientific sessions of the AVEPA. The nucleotides present in its formula for canine atopic dermatitis, together with its other ingredients, improve the stimulating activity of keratinocyte proliferation and fibroblast migration, thus promoting the regeneration of the skin’ protective barrier.

The alteration of the skin barrier plays an important role in atopic dermatitis (both human and canine). This alteration could be largely caused by alterations in the lipid levels of the skin. More precisely, it has been proved that ceramides decrease in dog and human cases of atopic dermatitis.

Within eight weeks, Atopivet Spot On increases the levels of ceramides, improves rash symptoms (most common clinical symptoms of atopy) and promotes the migration and proliferation of fibroblasts.

At booth #114 in the exhibitor’s area, we will show these two product ranges, more precisely:

  • ATOPIVET SPOT-ON: this product, composed of BIOSFEEN sphingolipids and DERMIAL hyaluronic acid, helps restore the skin barrier in canine atopic dermatitis. It is sold in pipettes.

  • IMPROMUNE CLINICAL PACKAGE 200 PILLS: new product reference. Contains 200 blisters with 10 pills each and 12 dispenser envelopes. 

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