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Bioiberica presents Goodogs®, new range of snacks for dogs

16 Jul 2012
Companion Animal Health

Bioberica presents Goodogs®, a new range of treat snacks for dogs that brings something new and different to the world of pet snacks. Here at Bioiberica we believe that snacks can be much more digestible, tasty and fun. As always, we use fresh, top quality ingredients.

Snack Goodogs

Goodogs® is a natural snack that contains large amounts of pork meat, which gives it a unique taste and makes it much more flavorful. Thanks to its ingredients and its special manufacturing process, it is also easy to digest. Its innovative packaging is the key, as it makes our product easier to use and preserves its aroma and freshness. It does not stain the hands, thus making it more convenient for pet owners.

Goodogs® is sold in two different packages.

To treat your dog with something irresistibly tasty, give it Goodogs® Caprice, containing 60% of fresh meat. It is sold in easy-to-divide, single-piece snacks than you can feed your dog during training.

Snack Goodogs

To teach your dog, there is Goodogs® Treat, containing 35% of fresh meat. There are two package sizes: one for small dogs, and another for larger breeds. Goodogs® Treat makes easier giving your pet an instant treat.

Goodogs® is sold exclusively at specialized pet stores. It is available in packages of 75 and 190 grams.

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