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Bioiberica Veterinaria issues a white paper on Dysgen. This document has been developed in collaboration with a group of expert veterinarians

12 Jun 2012
Companion Animal Health

In the white paper on Dysgen, a group of veterinarians specializing in trauma, orthopedic surgery and rehabilitation offer clinical practice advice based on the first results of the Dysgen test for growing dogs. Dysgen is a DNA chip test that predicts the risk of developing hip dysplasia from a blood sample.

The information collected by this paper will help veterinarians to establish individualized follow-on procedures adapted to the genetic predisposition of each individual, and to take the right decisions to improve the treatment of those animals at risk of developing hip dysplasia.

Logically, recommendations deducted from this white paper should be interpreted taking into account the clinical history of every patient. The Dysgen white paper aims also at improving advice to dog owners about the possible future evolution of their dog’s disease.

Please click here to read the Dysgen white paper