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Bioiberica Veterinary to present Entero-Chronic at the 5th Congress in Feline Medicine

4 Feb 2016
Companion Animal Health
  • Kenneth Simpson, expert in gastrointestinal pathologies, will present several conferences sponsored by Bioiberica
  • The Entero-Chronic range of products for feline intestine conditions will also be presented

The annual congress of the GEMFE (Specialists Group in Feline Medicine) is to be held on 5-7 February, 2016, in Alicante, Spain. More than 200 professionals are expected to attend.

We shall highlight the presence among the lecturers of Kenneth Simpson, expert in gastrointestinal medicine and head of the Department of Small Animals’ Internal Medicine at Cornell University, USA. Dr. Simpson has a degree in Veterinary Medicine from the University of Edinburgh (Scotland) and is a Doctor of Veterinarian Medicine for the University of Leicester (England). After completing a stay at Pennsylvania University (USA) and a residency at the University of Ohio State (USA), he moved to Cornell University, where he works as a specialist in gastrointestinal diseases affecting cats and dogs.  

Bioiberica will sponsor the lectures on cat gastroenterology that Dr. Simpson will present on the 5th and 6th of February, as well as two clinical case sessions which will be presented on Sunday, February 7th.

In addition, on the 6th of February at 14:30 Jordi Flores, product manager at Bioiberica Veterinary, will present the Entero-Chronic range of products for feline intestinal conditions. Entero-Chronic is a food supplement which helps a pet's intestinal function, thanks to its active ingredients. These ingredients seek to repair the animal’s bowels and reinforce its surface, preventing the adherence of pathogenic bacteria. 

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