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The form to request the Dysgen test, available now online for all Veterinarians

28 Mar 2012
Companion Animal Health

The Dysgen test uses a DNA chip and a blood sample to evaluate the genetic predisposition of dogs of the Labrador Retriever breed to develop hip dysplasia.

Dysgen allow veterinarians to give personalized medicine
treatment to its patients. Thanks to Dysgen, they can detect really early,
during the first month of life, if a dog has predisposition, or not, to develop
hip dysplasia. In dogs with predisposition to hip dysplasia, early detection
allow veterinarians to set the most optimal joint monitoring plan, and to take
preventive measures that will delay the onset of this disease.

Veterinarians can now download the Dysgen test form from our website.
Filling this form is necessary to arrange and request the sending and analysis
of samples.

Are you a veterinarian? If yes, and you would
like to learn more about Dysgen, please visit