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How can I know if my pet suffers from hip dysplasia?

11 May 2012
Companion Animal Health

Early detection is of great importance for the prevention and treatment of hip dysplasia. For this reason, Bioberica’s veterinary division has recently launched a explanatory video about hip dysplasia, to raise awareness about that problem among pet owners.

Hip dysplasia causes pain and
loss of mobility in our pets, especially in large dog breeds such as Labrador,
golden retriever, German shepherd, St. Bernard, bulldog, Rottweiler, etc.

Click here to watch this video

Apart from the advice
contained in this video, Bioiberica Veterinaria places Dysgen at the disposal
of veterinaries. Dysgen is a new diagnostic tool to predict genetic
predisposition to hip dysplasia through one blood test.

Veterinarians can download the
Dysgen analysis
form here.

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