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Presentation of Calmorofel in Portugal

17 Feb 2015
Companion Animal Health

This week, Bioiberica Veterinary presented their solution against feline cystitis in Lisbon, Porto and Montenegro. 

Bioiberica Veterinary presented Calmurofel to more than 200 Portuguese veterinarians: on February 18th at Lisbon, and on February 19th at Porto. Dr. Xavier Roura, veterinarian of internal medicine at the Veterinary Clinical Hospital of the UAB (Barcelona Autonomous University) presented a symposium on FLUTD, or Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease.

FLUTD is the most common cause of urinary tract diseases in cats. The main symptoms, which include difficulty and pain when urinating, cause cats to be in a state of stress and/or obesity.

Calmurofel, developed by our veterinary division, is the drug for the multimode management of feline idiopathic cystitis. It is one of the most complete solutions in the market for the treatment of feline cystitis. The components of Calmurofel, apart from repairing any damage to the bladder, help in regulating weight and stress in cats suffering from cystitis, thus guaranteeing a complete action against this disease.

To further complete the presentation of Calmurofel in Portugal, Bioiberica Veterinary will be present at the 9th Congress  of the Montenegro Veterinary Hospital to be held at the Europarque of Santa Maria da Feira on 21-22 February. This congress is a leading national and international event for professionals interested in the clinical research of medicine and surgery in the field of pet animals. Anyone interested in knowing more about Calmurofel, as well as about other solutions from our Veterinary Division, should visit booth #59 in the exhibitors’ area.

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